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Metro: Aardvark style

This image of the Montreal metro comes to you in part thanks to the newest Flickr app for iPhone.
The latest renewal to Flickr’s iPhone app is truly stunning. Not only is there a new interface for your enjoyment but the app gives you more access to your Flickr account than the old (now comparatively anemic) version. There are also new integrated tools to make minor edits to your images. Here are a few screenshots for your enjoyment:

See your contacts:


Browse your groups:


Check out photo details:


Edit details for your own photos:


Edit your photos:



Detailed settings for sets and groups before upload:


Change your profile details:


One thing I haven’t tried yet, is batch uploading. I’ll let you know in a future post how well that works compared to the old app.
Now, as for using this app on iPad … it should look just fine on an iPad 2 or an iPad Mini; it’s obviously a bit pixelated but acceptable (to me, anyway) on any iPad with a Retina display. That said, if Yahoo! can successfully transfer this piece of art into an iPad specific app with high-def graphics, that would be grand.
Also … what’s up with this portrait-only business? A landscape-compatible mode would be nice at times.

P.S.: Sorry for polluting your feeds this morning, as I inadvertently uploaded the images in this post as individual posts instead of just adding them my library. Oops!

P.P.S: I seem to be having trouble with the screenshots I tried posting earlier. I’ll restore them later once I’ve figured out what went wrong. It appears we’re back in business. Thanks for your patience!