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I’m a little late to the party with this review of the latest version of TuneIn Radio, which was rolled out shortly before Christmas.
You see: I mainly use TuneIn on my smartphone while commuting or travelling and so didn’t notice the massive redo of the interface on the tablet version until the last few hours.


The general look of the app is more polished than in the last iPad version and it doesn’t result in any apparent loss of features.
Although some of the logos and fonts got a refresh, features (especially quick access to recent, related, favourites) introduced in 2012 remain.
There’s handy access to the timer/recording function right in the player and a new button from the station info screen (at least I haven’t noticed it before) to navigate streams forward. Oddly, there is no ‘last stream’ button, just a ‘back’ button that takes you back to the main interface.


The only thing I wish the iPad version of the app could do, is to allow users to swipe across any station to immediately choose which sub-stream to invoke. (Many channels offer streams of varying bandwidths to suit your requirements.)
The app remains a very enjoyable way to enjoy streaming talk radio and music, despite its handful of flaws.
All in all, a great effort to refine an already great app.