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What many of us have been waiting for. See for yourself!


UPDATE WITH LIGHTNING REVIEW: After a few minutes of quick use, I have found the following.
1) The uploading is much quicker, as advertised.
2) You still can’t upload video, a feature many users requested.
3) There is indeed a “Save photo” button that appears — but only valid for your own pictures.
4) The IPTC data reading is still broken. Keywords in IPTC fields still don’t show as tags. Not only that, it’s actually worse now. See the following two screengrabs. While the photo title and caption appear correctly inside the new Flickr app, they do not show properly on the Flickr website. How weird is that?
I’ve removed that image from my Flickr feed until I can figure out if it’s a bug or if I’ve done something wrong.

FURTHER UPDATE: My latest batch of photos had their titles and captions properly published. IPTC tags are still broken, however.