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I’d been wondering how long it would be before the wonderful justified view for my contacts in Flickr would come to my own photostream.
The answer is … today. That and a whole bunch of other changes and goodies from Flickr.
After you log in, you are immediately shown a feed of your contacts’ images. Not puny little thumbnails as before, but medium-large size images you can scroll through vertically.
The new “wrap” around the main page has a Google-like quality to it, with persistent menus at the top and the right side of the page. (Flickr is owned by Yahoo, oddly enough.)
Navigate to your own photostream and you’ll see what I mentioned before: Your own images shown in a pretty mosaic (justified view), the same as the contacts page has been for the better part of a year.
All in all, the visuals in your web browser resemble that of the iOS Flickr app.
There appear to be a few other changes, under the hood.
Whereas before, members who used the free version of Flickr had monthly upload limits, it appears this has changed to a hard cap on space placed at one terabyte.
However, with the free service, there are ad and no detailed statistics. (Same as before.)
There are no changes for Flickr users who pay for a pro account.