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Putting things back on track
Calgary Transit workers remove debris from the LRT tunnel north of Victoria Park/Stampede station that was submerged to the ceiling during the height of the flooding.

Calgary Transit’s downtown infrastructure took it on the chin during the record flooding over the last week.
Here are some photos I snapped of the damage and of the work being done to get things moving again.

Repairs on fast track
More work done near Victoria Park/Stampede station. And yes, those tracks are really suspended in mid-air!

Ballast carried away
Floodwaters carried away the ballast beneath the platform at Victoria Park/Stampede station.

Tunnel team
Crews work to restore the Cemetery Hill tunnel, above and next two images.

Rail rally

Shovel in hand

C-Train shuttle
Buses put into service as a C-Train shuttle roam on a very dusty Macleod Trail on June 25.