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Repos au jardin

All the guide books said the grand château at Versailles was one of the world’s more ornate palaces. And by golly, they were right.
I’d go so far as to say no guidebook of any kind can prepare a first-time visitor for the full extent of this place’s grandiosity.
That, coupled with the crush of people inside the building’s hallways … it can almost be too much.
Go mentally prepared for what you’re about to take in and what the surroundings will be.
Give yourself pretty much an entire day so you can pace yourself.
If claustrophobic feelings strike, head outside and clear your mind in the sumptuous gardens behind the château. Wander far enough and you’ll even see farm animals on the property. It’s truly lovely.
These images were taken on my visit there in September 2012.

Somptueux jardin

Message des cieux

Un regard à la fenêtre

Âge d'or