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Jalapeño burger

Feeling peckish after work, I walked to the neighbourhood burger joint for a late-night snack.
That would normally be an altogether unremarkable statement … except that in Calgary’s Kensington area, that would have been a lie not too long ago. (And on most days of the week, it still is.)
Non-pub/bar/club nighttime food options on Kensington Road and 10 St. N.W. were quite sparse until recently.
Five years ago, the only place open really late every day (until 4 a.m.) was a shawarma joint. A fried chicken restaurant and a take-out pizzeria were open somewhat late (usually until around midnight but later on busy nights).
In the last year or two, the submarine sandwich shop extended its hours until 4 a.m., too. The shawarma joint gained some competition down the street, also open until 4 a.m. daily.
The burger shop opened earlier this year, serving patties till midnight on most days but later on Friday and Saturday nights. The new poutine restaurant isn’t usually open late at all … and yet there it was open late tonight, selling gooey, cheesy, gravy-covered goodness to customers well past midnight. There looks to be a non-fried chicken restaurant set to open and I’m curious what their hours will be.
With new condos going up all over the area, it would be great to see even more late-night food option pop up.
Now, if only the coffee/tea shops would join in the fun …