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Hotel California

There are two tales of ignorance tied to this photo.

1) It seemed pretentious to me at first, the idea of a hotel proudly selling self-promotional T-shirts.
While quietly scoffing in my head, I looked around to see what hotel this was.
The sign said Hotel California … and the $5 (I think) T-shirts on sale at the front desk suddenly made sense.

2) Holding up my camera to grab a photo of this sign, someone in a group of young men walking by, likely all in their early 20s, offered to take a picture of me with the sign in the background.
I declined and explained I wanted only the sign, because of the song. A quizzical look fell upon his face.
“Hotel California,” I said. “You know, The Eagles?”
His expression remained unchanged.
“Never mind,” I replied. “Just Google it when you get to a computer.”