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Dancing lion

About halfway between downtown Los Angeles and Venice Beach lies Culver City.
Known mainly as a place where movie and television production studios/head offices are located, the main commercial drags in Culver City are worth wander for an hour or two.
A grand old hotel with a touching sculpture out front and beautiful fountain art behind (images above and below); neat neon signs all over the place; two grand theatres with cool marquees; oh so many restaurants, cafés and bars.
If you have the time, you’ll enjoy this small detour … for your eyes and your tummy.
The attractions are all clustered around Culver and W Washington boulevards, parallel to Venice Blvd.
If you’re the driving type, it’s not too far from I-10. If you’re the transit type (as I am) take Culver City Bus Route 1 in and out of Venice Beach or Metro Expo Line trains from downtown L.A. to Culver City transit centre. Additionally, Metro bus routes 33 and 733 serving Venice Blvd. have stops near this area.
(Don’t bother to walk: I tried that and ended up stopping for a bus after an hour moving at a fast pace.)

Culver Hotel