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With recent security changes at Flickr making it impossible (for now) to upload pictures there from my favourite mobile photo editing apps, I’ve resorted to exporting images to my camera roll and uploading them from the Flickr iOS app.
Although I’m happy to see most IPTC data are now being properly read and transferred by the app, one critical field always comes up blank when pictures appear online: the title.
Indeed, after uploading a test image for which every IPTC data field was filled in, no data are automatically read and converted into a photo title.
While this is just a minor inconvenience for uploading one image, having to manually re-insert titles for a batch upload could be quite the chore.
(And for the record, I uploaded the same image to Flickr from my desktop … and every field filled in perfectly, including the title.)
This is just the latest chapter in a long-running issue with Flickr’s iOS app and IPTC data.