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Like many users of Apple’s mobile products, I’ve been getting a hands-on experience with iOS 9 for a few weeks now.

I can happily report I am generally pleased with the upgrade. I have (so far, anyway) not seen any of the negative side-effects that have been reported elsewhere on the Internet.

Here, I’d like to share two small things I’ve noticed about iOS 9 on iPad that I found neat.

1) App switcher with external keyboard

I most often use my iPad as it is — that is, naked — but from time to time it turns into a backup computer with a Bluetooth-enable keyboard.

Imagine my surprise when I absent-mindedly hit Command+Tab and saw this:

iOS 9 shows you something very reminiscent of OS X, Apple’s desktop operating system.

It’s a nice little touch!

2) Battery widget in notification screen

I’ve never seen a battery widget in the notification screen until today.

The widget exists in portrait and landscape modes but it disappears once I power off my Bluetooth keyboard. There is also no battery widget currently visible on my iPhone’s notification screen. I can only presume this only becomes visible when iPad is connected with one or more devices capable of displaying remaining battery capacity. Another small, if cosmetic, addition.

I’ll pass along more iOS 9 hidden gems if I encounter any more!