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This is art outside the British Library in London memorializing Sir Isaac Newton.
The British Library isn’t the most obvious tourist attraction but there are a few noteworthy things to see in the parts of its permanent collection that don’t require a membership.
On the ground floor is a huge room containing dozens of historical documents, including a copy of the Magna Carta, ancient bibles and Qur’ans, books containing the first-known copies of beloved works of fiction, and manuscripts from celebrated classical music composers.
For the philately-minded among you, there is a collection of century-old stamps built into the walls of the ground floor, toward the back of the building.
And of course, there’s a revolving roster of temporary exhibitions. I visited too early to catch this forthcoming exhibition on cartography, which runs from Friday, Nov. 2, 2016 until Monday, March 1, 2017.
There is a lot of seating for reading and studying, as you would imagine.
And if none of those things interest you, you might consider popping in anyway: the facility has a cafeteria/café and there is public wifi (naturally).