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I recently came to the realization I have a series of photos snapped during a visit to Montreal and area at the beginning of 2020 needing to be edited. This, in turn, made me aware of several more photos from Phoenix and Las Vegas from the end of 2019 I have yet to share. All that to say … there will be a few older pictures showing up here over the next little while as I slowly make my way through them.

Here’s the first of the bunch, from inside the Cosmodôme in Laval, Quebec, an interactive museum and educational facility dedicated to space exploration and the science of the solar system. One of the rooms includes a model of the solar system, correct for size but not distance. The little blue ball near the centre of this photo represents Earth, dwarfed by the sun behind it, accompanied by one of the inner planets — can’t remember which! — (centre left), and flanked by Saturn (left) and Jupiter (right).