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Two weeks ago, I complained about the CBC’s terrible plans for DTV transition, which would involve turning off several terrestrial transmitters as of Sept. 1 because the crown corporation didn’t want to undertake a DTV transition for those repeater stations in mandatory markets.
Since then, CBC/Radio-Canada has applied to maintain analog coverage to certain markets, all in the east of Canada:

  • Windsor (SRC)
  • London and Kitchener (CBC & SRC)
  • Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay (CBC)
  • For the most part, interventions from private individuals welcome the maintaining of OTA service but all demand the CBC/Radio-Canada undertake a full DTV transition for those stations.
    Link to CRTC Part 1 applications, where the intervention period has elapsed.
    Link to CRTC Part 1 applications, where it is still possible to intervene.